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Refreshing the brand: putting storytelling at the heart of a marketing strategy


Kerry Williams, Head of Marketing, Handcross Park School, West Sussex

The importance of marketing in the world of independent schools is rapidly becoming apparent, as schools seek to carve their position in a busy marketplace and show prospective parents why their school stands out from the rest. In the midst of a global pandemic, this became even more important and has been thrust to the forefront of the agenda in independent schools across the country. Pupil numbers shifted both upwards and downwards in independent schools everywhere for so many reasons – relocating, financial and sadly, as some independent schools close.

The decision making process for prospective parents is a complex and involved one. Any decision involving such a huge amount of money is always going to be carefully considered, but when the decision also involves the future of their children, it makes it incredibly emotive for parents. The marketing mix of a school needs to balance all these factors carefully to successfully communicate their offering.

This presentation discusses the way in which Handcross Park School in West Sussex used storytelling to communicate with their market. The school were awarded the Marketing Award for Effective Brand Communication at the Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2020 for their marketing campaign.

Presentation slides, download HERE

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