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RSAdmissions, the product, is the market leader in admissions management and marketing reporting and is the only database designed and supported by people who have ‘done the job’.

Over the past 12 years, with the help of their enthusiastic client base, the RSAdmissions team has continued to innovate, providing sophisticated key performance indicators at the touch of a button whilst maintaining easy to learn and use customer relationship management tools. Our clients vary from small preps to large all-through day schools and many of the schools who chose RSAdmissions in our first year are still with us today!

We pride ourselves on our reputation for support, ask any of our clients about us. We are also responsible for the design and delivery of the Certificate in Admissions Management Course which we have been running, on behalf of AMCIS, since 2007.

We also offer our clients bespoke consultancy on admissions procedures and recruitment performance indicators in addition to training for individual schools in customer care and office software.

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