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Unify Schools

Unify Schools is a system that allows you to create a personalised, tailored prospectus for every child and family interested in your school. Unify automatically prints and delivers an individual prospectus to the interested family, freeing up admission time, and saving you money as well.

Because Unify prints one copy at a time, there is no need to print and store multiple copies that can go out-of-date quickly, and take up valuable storage space.

Unify can also allow pages to be edited online via a web browser. You might have pages that require updating regularly, for example, exam results, main introduction pages or a major change like a new Head of school.

Unify can even use your existing prospectus design and artwork so there are no extra production costs, or we can help design and produce a new prospectus if required.

If you are about to reprint or redesign your prospectus, now is the perfect time to introduce personalised, tailored marketing to your school with Unify.

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