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AMCIS Diploma in Schools Marketing

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    If you would like to enrol on the AMCIS Diploma please tick for Level 1, Level 2 or both and also choose the 3 Level 2 workshops you would like to enrol in. If you wish to sign up for individual workshops and NOT the Diploma, please just choose your workshops. Please tick the relevant boxes to make your selection:

    Course Dates Amcis Member Rate Amcis Non-Member Rate
    Diploma - Level 1
    Marketing Strategy & Tactics
    9 & 10/10/19
    Diploma - Level 2
    Professional Development
    You need to choose 3 from the 7 workshops below
    Workshop - International Marketing 20/11/19
    Workshop - Implementing a Marketing Brand 15/01/20
    Workshop - Digital Marketing 16/01/20
    Workshop - Impactful Copywriting 18/03/20
    Workshop - Personal Effectiveness 19/03/20
    Workshop - Marketing Strategy Research 10/06/20
    Workshop - Stakeholder Communications 11/06/20

    Venue Information

    Diploma - Level 1 - Needham House Hotel, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

    Diploma - Level 2 / CPD Workshops - Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London

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    Delegates will receive an invoice via email, along with a confirmation letter

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