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Admissions, Marketing & Communications in Independent Schools

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Tory Gillingham

Tory has been supporting and working for AMCIS since April 2004. Over the past 12 years the association has seen a 30% rise in membership and a host of new initiatives and events including two new training programmes – The AMCIS Diploma in Schools’ Marketing, and The AMCIS Certificate in Admissions Management – individual seminars focusing on specific areas of schools marketing, closer working relationships with other independent school associations and the development of a new and interactive website and APP.

Before becoming the AMCIS Managing Director, Tory spent 11 years working in independent schools’ marketing; 8 as Marketing Director at Pocklington School and then 3 as Marketing and Development Director at St Peter’s School, York, where she spearheaded the formation of the St Peter’s School Foundation.

With her extensive experience in independent schools marketing and her time as Managing Director, Tory is able to answer many of the questions and queries raised and asked by members who call her on the AMCIS Helpline. If Tory is unable to answer the question then she will always be able to put members in touch with a professional that can.

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